Geographical sector: Metropolitan France

Business sector(s): Technical

Company creation: September 2014

Location: France


With Fabrice and his team, I can provide technical training…

AFTER ALL is the Technical Training Agency for restaurant establishments (CHR and the culinary profession).

Operating license (‘Licence 4’)

All persons that have declared an opening or a transfer of a premises selling beverages for on-site consumption (3rd or 4th category) or who operate an establishment with a ‘Petite Licence Restaurant’ or a ‘Grand Licence Restaurant’ must take a required course in order to obtain an OPERATING LICENCE.

Article L.3332-1-1 of the Public Health Code. The license is issued by an approved training organisation that carries out the specific and required training for operating an on-licensed premises or a restaurant.

This specific training focuses notably on the prevention and control of alcoholism, the protection of minors, the clampdown on public drunkenness, drug legislation, noise control and the principals of civil and criminal liability. The license is valid for 10 years.

Restaurant hygiene and food safety

Whether they run a restaurant, a cafeteria, a self-service restaurant or a fast food outlet, this training concerns all professional operators.

Operators are required to train at least one staff member over a 14 hour period, in accordance with Decree n°2011-731 dated the 24 June 2011 relating to the obligation for certain commercial catering establishments to implement hygiene and food safety training.

Our team can also assist you in applying, as and when, new regulations in your establishment (home-cooked food, allergens, traceability).

And other skills training, such as:

  • Cooking and patisserie
  • Bartending, cocktails (beginners, advanced)
  • Barista, developing coffee sales
  • Sommellerie, wine science and service