Juliette GUESDON

Geographical sector: France + Réunion

Business sector(s): Audits / Operations

Company creation: January 2013

Location: France


With Juliette, I can develop my projects and respect the environment…

Based on the Côte d’Azur, Green Expertise is a consulting firm that advises tourism professionals on sustainable development strategy and action. We offer a range of made-to-measure services to hospitality and tourism actors including tourist lodging establishments, tourism offices, local authorities and marinas.

  • Choosing and obtaining an eco-label (Green Key, EU Ecolabel, Green Globe)

Are you looking to adopt a sustainable approach? Are you already committed to sustainability but want to highlight your strategy by obtaining an environmental label? We can analyse your strategic positioning to help you choose the right label and correctly accomplish all the steps to obtain it.

  • Choosing and obtaining a quality label

Quality is the bedrock of company performance. Service quality, customer satisfaction, hygiene, range of services offered… all these are taken into account in quality standards. We can assist you in structuring your Quality strategy and obtaining a label (Qualité Tourisme, Camping Qualité, etc.). We can also help you establish your own Quality Standards, adapted to your context and particular challenges.

  • Responsible purchasing

‘Responsible purchasing’ or ‘sustainable procurement’ means integrating sustainable development criteria into the purchasing process. It’s also about knowing how to qualify your need and formalise it to suppliers. Sustainable procurement implies questioning and constant weighing up of decisions in order to find the best solutions to be invented.

  • Eco-designing events

All events have an impact on the environment. Adopting an eco-responsible approach means reducing your environmental footprint and taking concrete action with regard to social and societal issues (health and safety of people concerned, partnerships with associations, training, etc.).

  • Assessing the tourist destination

Sustainable development is nowadays an inevitability for territories. The Grenelle de l’Environnement, and Agenda 21 have significantly sped up initiatives in a number of areas including sustainable transport, environmental protection, biodiversity, promotion of local heritage, buying local, buying organic, and so on. Green Expertise offers technical support to local authorities and tourist organisations (tourism offices, CDT, ADT, etc.). Our teams can assist with obtaining labels (Pavillon Bleu, Port Propre, Station Verte, etc.).

  • Outsourcing Sustainable Development

How can a sustainable development strategy be put in place without recourse to additional resources?

Incorporating an external resource into your business means you don’t have to increase your expenses. It also lets you test a particular function in your organisation. Relying on a pragmatic, step-by-step approach, we can help you enhance your existing responsible practices.


GREEN EXPERTISE offers an operational and high-performing expertise, having conducted over 200 quality and environmental audits in tourist lodging facilities (campsites, hotels, aparthotels, holiday homes, etc.

Our credentials include Marriott, SBM (Société des Bains de Mer), Hôtel Château de Valmer 5*, Camping des Oliviers Porto Corse 3* and Best Western.