Sylvain GUY & Guillaume HAZET

Geographical sector: Worldwide

Business sector(s): Technical

Company creation: November 2002

Location : Paris / Réunion / Mauritius

Contact : aa@avotreservicehotelier.com

With Sylvain & Guillaume, my project can take shape…

Architects and engineers

L’Atelier.Architectes and L’Atelier.Ingénieurs are part of Les Ateliers de la Petite-Ile, a group which brings together all the necessary expertise for project design, realisation and assistance.

15 years of experience

Created in 2002 by Sylvain Guy and Guillaume Hazet in Saint-Denis de La Réunion, l’Atelier.Architectes has been contributing for the past 15 years to the development of the island, having worked on the majority of its most notable buildings, including the Stella Matutina museum, the Cité des Arts, the Pôle Sanitaire de l’Ouest, Aquanor and the Espace Océan in Saint-Denis. Sylvain Guy and Guillaume Hazet have continued to expand L’Atelier by integrating a multi-disciplinary design office and by setting up two new agencies in Paris and Mauritius. L’Atelier today boasts around a hundred references (constructions and renovations) and a turnover of over 4 million euros.

Multi-disciplinary firm

L’Atelier groups together almost 40 staff, including architects, town planners, structural engineers, professionals specialised in VRD, HQE, flows and OPC, interior designers, interior design and construction economists and Project Managers. Experienced and multi-skilled, our team can adapt to meet all Project Management demands and respond to increasingly complex regulatory and economic constraints.

Expertise in bioclimatic architecture

Rooted in the territory of Ile de la Réunion, L’Atelier has a thorough knowledge of the local context and has proved its tropical climate expertise through its bioclimatic designs.

Integrated engineering/strong>

L’Atelier.Ingénieurs is our privileged partner, whose engineers work exclusively for L’Atelier.Architectes. Based in our premises, their proximity guarantees both quality and reactivity for the successful completion of a project.
This teamwork guarantees the smooth transfer of information, simultaneous design, feasibility and a coherence in our projects. At L’Atelier, there’s no barrier between the architect and the engineer: from the sketch phase onwards, options are validated in partnership with our engineers, who “know what is doable.”

A wide array of projects, on all scales

Our ability to adapt lets us work on a wide variety of projects whether it be sporting and cultural buildings, premium residences or social housing, shopping centres, urban projects, renovation of historical monuments and so on. Each project is unique: there are no fixed solutions; only tailor-made responses.


  • A responsible approach

We are committed to meeting our client’s expectations, budget and deadlines. In the creative process, prior to the architectural gesture, we set out a programme and organigram. And from the outset, our approach is to improve the project’s profitability and productivity.

  • One partner

Quelque soit le projet, le client est assuré de trouver en face de lui un architecte senior chef de projet, qui suit la totalité des phases, de A à Z. Tout en sachant que les architectes associés ont un suivi sur toutes les affaires et restent disponibles et concernés par les projets.

  • Un partenaire

L’Atelier takes great care of the relationship with Project Managers and businesses. We believe that architects aren’t just there to draw and design the project, their role is also to assist at all stages and to defend each project before the relevant authorities.

  • A good project for us means:
    • Respect for our client’s expectations, budget and deadlines
    • A functional project
    • A lasting project
    • Simple, not simplistic, architcture
    • High-quality materials
    • A meticulous creation


2 associates
3 workshops: Saint-Denis de La Réunion, Paris and Mauritius
15 years of bioclimatic architecture experience
40 staff (architects, interior designers, town planners, engineers, economists, etc.)
1 integrated design office (VRD, flows, structure, environment, economy)
Annual turnover of over 4 million euros
Over 100 references (housing, office space, commerce, cultural and sporting infrastructure, schools, heritage buildings, urban projects, etc.).
30 projects under study in 2016, 18 sites underway (media library, hotel, HQE office complex, 500 residences, etc.).
10 upcoming sites in 2018