TRANSAXIO HÔTEL – Construction

Associate Director – Head of Transactions

Geographical sector: Worldwide

Business sector(s): Sales / Acquisitions

Activity started: March 2013

Location: France


With Guy and Guillaume, I can build my hotel…

Are you looking to build a hotel?

Transaxio Hôtel can assist you at every stage of your construction project through an Operational Project Management (AMO) contract.

Our multidisciplinary and experienced team will bring you all the operational expertise necessary to correctly define your project in partnership with your architect.

Constituting a significant source of savings in the daily operation of your business throughout its life, our team knows how to steer you towards making the right decisions.

We offer the following services:

1 – Services

  • Assistance in defining FF&E budgetsE
  • Support in drafting layout plans of premises in conjunction with the designated architect
  • Help in implementing the concept and selecting furnishings and décor (rooms, corridors, other)
  • Drafting of operating budgetsn
  • Study and adaptation of fixtures and fittings to the project’s characteristics
  • Pre-project equipment planning
  • Verification of dimensionss
  • Comparative study of various producers and suppliers
  • Following-up of orders and manufacturing lead timesn
  • Quality control of goods
  • Management, reception and storage of goodss
  • Full furnishing of hotels – ready for usen
  • Installation of fixtures and fittings
  • Verification and general receptione

2 – IT

  • Definition of the IT concept
  • Definition of IT equipment
  • Technical evolutions
  • Training
  • IT maintenance conditions

3 – Equipment

Description of materials and equipment to be installed, defined in conjunction with Project Managers and their advisors (architect, etc.). Don’t hesitate to contact us!